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About Maid Exclusive

Who Are We?

Maid Exclusive is residential cleaning company based Blue Springs, Missouri. We provide services to the entire metropolitan area, providing our clients with the best customized services available. We’ve been cleaning professionally for years in both residential and commercial properties.

Why Did We Start Our Own Cleaning Business?

We started Maid Exclusive because we felt that customers were not getting their money’s worth from other cleaning services out there. We also believe that you shouldn’t have to pay more for a cleaning service to use quality professional products on your home that are safer for your family. This should be the standard, not something extra. You can depend on the highest quality services and products at reasonable rates from us.  

Why The Name Maid Exclusive?

Maid Exclusive was an easy choice for a name because we have a “one house at a time” philosophy. Often times, cleaning services get ahead of themselves and hurry through a house. They forget the details and in-turn cheat their customers out of what they are paying for. Maid Exclusive takes the time to pay attention to the details, while also taking into consideration your families health and the home’s appearance. We believe in one client at a time and most of all, we believe that if you take care of the customer, the rest will take care of itself.