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Maid Exclusive Eco-Friendly Products

Maid Exclusive believes in providing our customers with the best possible products that will leave their home clean and healthier. We do not charge extra to use these products because we believe in doing the best by our customers.

Our Maid Exclusive Teams
Our eco-friendly cleaning starts with a knowledgeable team. These teams have been trained in the best practices in cleaning green, so that these practices can be applied in your home. All of our staff have been screened through a background check; drug tested, and have also been through a rigorous hiring process to ensure that they possess the upmost professionalism and good moral character. Once we have hired the staff, they are put through a one month on-the-job training program, where their work is closely monitored by management. This program allows each team member to learn our products, methods of cleaning, and our best practices.

Our Cleaning Products
Cleaning for a healthier home is our goal. In order for Maid Exclusive to reach this goal, we use the finest cleaning products on the market. Our products have very little or no volatile organic compounds, have a low toxicity level, and our products are made with safer ingredients to protect your family. Our products are also safer for the earth too because they are readily biodegradable, have a low aquatic toxicity, and are made with renewable resources. Not only do the cleaning products carry the Green Seal®Certification, but they have also won the Design for the Environment award from the E.P.A.; they are Kosher Certified, PETA Certified, and have earned the Carpet and Rug Institute Seal of Approval.

We also use many other products to clean your home like microfiber cloths and cleaning pads. These cloths provide superior cleaning performance and durability because the fibers trap the dust and dirt on the cloth until they are rinsed with hot water, instead of pushing dust and dirt around. Using these cloths and cleaning pads helps reduce waste by eliminating paper towels, ready to use wipes, and other types of disposable products. Not only are they better for the environment, but they clean better too. 

Lastly, our vacuums carry the Carpet and Rug Institute Seal of Approval.This ensures a healthier home by reducing the allergens by at least 99.7% that are released back into the air. The vacuums also clean and trap the dust mold particles and dirt from the carpet, all while protecting your investment.